The Committee is comprised of representatives from the following:

  • Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce
  • Fair Oaks Village business owners
  • Fair Oaks property owners
  • Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks District
  • Fair Oaks Water District
  • Fair Oaks Community Planning Council
  • Fair Oaks residents
  • County of Sacramento

The Village Enhancement Vision:

  • Encompasses the views of stakeholders that make up Fair Oaks Village.
  • Identifies community strengths and assets.
  • Identifies community needs and concerns.
  • Establishes goals for improving Fair Oaks Village’s commercial district.
  • Presents specific recommendations to reach those improvement goals.

Implementation of this Village Enhancement Vision will help Fair Oaks Village in a number of ways. A widely embraced Vision can:

  • Clearly describe what the community wants accomplished.
  • Provide a framework for other community and planning decisions.
  • Give direction to Sacramento County and other service providers about appropriate capital improvements for Fair Oaks Village.
  • Offer residents and businesses the opportunity to offer a clear picture of the type of development Fair Oaks Village wants.
  • Inform property owners and potential developers about what businesses are needed and the types of development that will be encouraged.
  • Provide guidelines for the design of new development so it will complement and enhance the existing commercial area.