Fair Oaks Village Districts

These are the Village district names proposed in our Vision Document. They have yet to be agreed upon by the Village community at large.
Get to Know Fair Oaks Village


Fair Oaks Village is an eclectic place. It can be difficult to find, and it is also easy to get lost within it. Each street has its own unique buildings, trees, and parking requirements, just to name a few differences. Because of this, no single solution should be applied to improvements in the Village as a whole.

This vision of Fair Oaks Village is comprehensive and made up of many smaller visions. As part of this process, the Village was broken down into fi ve separate “districts.” Each of these districts has its own character, strengths, and challenges. Each district vision suggests improvements that are targeted to that district. The overlapping of these districts also serves to improve the “sense of place” within Fair Oaks Village by strengthening the natural structure of the community. The five districts identified on the map are briefly described below.

Gateway Districts

Both the North and South Gateways serve as transitional areas between the busy auto-oriented environment along Sunrise Boulevard and the quiet, pedestrian environment of the Village. These districts should draw attention to the Village but also encourage drivers to slow down and to appreciate the finer character of the Village surroundings.

Village Boulevard

This portion of Fair Oaks Boulevard is the commercial heart of the historic Fair Oaks Village. It is similar to the general idea of a historic “Main Street.” Streetscapes and buildings within this district should support a healthy pedestrian shopping environment.

Park Loop

The Park Loop encompasses the Plaza Park and Amphitheatre on the West, the Village Park and Community Clubhouse on the East. This district is the public “green” for the community; as such, it should accommodate a variety of public events and also serve as a day-to-day open space for residents to enjoy.

North Village Boulevard

As Fair Oaks Boulevard winds to the north, the street begins to lose some of its unique “Village” characteristics. This portion of the boulevard should be identified more with the Village; it should encourage people to safely drive, cycle, and walk from outlying residential areas into the Village.

Bridge Street

The historical bridge over the American River connects Fair Oaks Village to the American River Parkway trail system and to adjacent neighborhoods. The quality of the Bridge Street connection should be enhanced by a new plaza, better access and directional signage to encourage more visitors to explore the Village.

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