FOVEC Past Projects


Vision Document 2008

84 Page Vision of how to enhance the Fair Oaks Village

Cost & Funding - $

Volunteers - 

County Personnel - 


Way Finding Signs 2009

Cost & Funding - $ Sacramento County

Volunteers - Renee Taylor, Angela Talent, Tom Zlotkowski, Tyler Janes, Barry Brown, Becky Lund, David Newlin, John O'Farrell, Shenna Mealey, Tino Cuevas, Greg Vincent, David Hill, Paula Sugarman, Geoff Simcoe

Consultant - Omni Means, Mike Notestine, Scott Roberson, Marty Inouye

County Personnel - Roberta MacGlashan, Johanna Castelo, Ted Wolter, Keri Blakowski


Fair Oaks Blvd. Triangle Landscaping 2010

Added Landscaping Plants

Cost & Funding - $    Sacramento County

Volunteers - 

Initial upkeep by Village Landscaping

County Personnel - Roberta MacGlashan

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Fair Oaks Blvd. Streetscape 2010-2013

Improve Fair Oaks Blvd through the Village. Increase parking, add shade trees and landscaping, add curbs gutters and sidewalks, add cross walks. Pave to improve parking.

Cost & Funding - Total of $786,000

- $513,000 Sacramento County DOT Construction Costs;  

- $136,000 SACOG Preparatory Planning;

- $5,000 FOVEC for initiating need and community interest;

- $137,000 County Road Funds

Business improvement district logo

Create a Business Improvement District (PBID) 2016-2018

What is a PBID:

  • Purpose: to improve a commercial district (Fair Oaks Village) via services that enhance property and business values
  • Financed using a self-imposed assessment on commercial property
  • Governed by a board (of fellow Fair Oaks Village) commercial property owners you choose
  • PBID was legislated in 1994 as a private sector initiative for revitalizing specific commercial areas, aka Districts.

The efforts to establish a PBID were started in 2016 with financial help from Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters Office. The Supervisor's Office engaged Civitas LLC consultants to help FOVEC with the PBID process and deliverables.

In 2017, a petition drive was started to show the County that property owners at large supported this concept and that it should be moved on to a formal ballot. In order to put it on a ballot we needed to show that at least 51% of commercial property owners in the designated district wanted the PBID implemented. By the end of 2017 we had yet to hit our target number and had many commercial property owners that had not been contacted.

In 2018, FOVEC decided to give it one last try in April, ahead of the County’s May deadline for starting to plan the 2018 election. This petition push brought the signed percentage count up to 31.7% while 40% refused to sign. The other 30% did not respond to phone calls or emails or were not reachable. While these were not the results we had hoped for, the petition drive did contact over 70% of commercial property owners.

We completed our effort by sending letters to all commercial property owners in the district to inform them of the results of the petition drive and the project.


Provide a Fair Oaks Village Economic Development Plan - 2017 

The objective of this project was to provide viable economic development recommendations to the Fair Oaks Enhancement Committee based on findings from case study communities.

Cost & Funding:  $7,000 via Various Grants & Donations