FOVEC Past Projects


Vision Document 2008

84 Page Vision of how to enhance the Fair Oaks Village

Cost & Funding - $

Volunteers - 

County Personnel - 


Way Finding Signs 2009

Cost & Funding - $ Sacramento County

Volunteers - Renee Taylor, Angela Talent, Tom Zlotkowski, Tyler Janes, Barry Brown, Becky Lund, David Newlin, John O'Farrell, Shenna Mealey, Tino Cuevas, Greg Vincent, David Hill, Paula Sugarman, Geoff Simcoe

Consultant - Omni Means, Mike Notestine, Scott Roberson, Marty Inouye

County Personnel - Roberta MacGlashan, Johanna Castelo, Ted Wolter, Keri Blakowski


Fair Oaks Blvd. Triangle Landscaping 2010

Added Landscaping Plants

Cost & Funding - $    Sacramento County

Volunteers - 

Initial upkeep by Village Landscaping

County Personnel - Roberta MacGlashan

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Fair Oaks Blvd. Streetscape 2010-2011

Improve Fair Oaks Blvd through the Village. Increase parking, add shade trees and landscaping, add curbs gutters and sidewalks, add cross walks. Pave to improve parking.

Cost & Funding - Total of $786,000   - $513,000 Sacramento County DOT Construction Costs; $136,000 SACOG Preparatory Planning; $5,000 FOVEC for initiating need and community interest; $137,000 County Road Funds