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Parking Project

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FOVEC Parking Committee Minutes

Thursday, Apr 13, 2023

Attendees: Mike Aho, Keith Walter

Mike met with a fence contractor and was given a rough estimate of $9,000 for the fences and to replace the entrance gate. Their opinion was the existing fence gate would be more expensive to repair than replace. Mike expects to get a written estimate within the next couple of weeks.

We talked about the need to get assurance from AT&T that we would be able to use the lot for multiple years or be reimbursed for the fence if they sold the lot soon. We also talked about needing a plan to purchase the lot if AT&T puts it up for sale. We also talked about finding or creating an organization to operate the lot.

We also talked about enforcing the 2 hour parking signs and if volunteers could be utilized to issue tickets.

Action items:

  1. Mike to get the written estimate for the fence

  2. Nan to follow up with AT&T for access to the lot and to discuss the fence and option for a multi-year contract

  3. Keith to bring proposals to the FOVEC Board for a) options for operating the parking lot; b) options for purchasing the lot; c) options for purchasing the fence

  4. Keith to explore options for enforcing the 2 hour parking signs

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