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Parking Project

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Just followed up with Julie from AT&T regarding the Temporary License Agreement for using their parking lot off of Crestline Ave.

  • legal is working on the form and Julie has not heard back from them. She did let them know that we would like to have an agreement in place by June 1.

  • Julie said the agreement should be similar to what the Park District had in place for the Chicken Festival. The dates so far would be June 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 and one year at a time thereafter. She can't go beyond a year at a time. FOVEC would have access 7days a week from 4-10PM. This allows AT&T to use the parking lot as overflow at a moments notice during the day.

  • Regarding the barrier from the Crestline parking lot to their lower parking lot: she thought we could do a temporary fence like the Park District did and simply push aside the barrier to the stairwell when not in use. This allows the AT&T employees to use the Crestline parking and stairwell if the parking is needed as overflow.

  • I asked if there was anything we could do to speed up the agreement. Julie said other than have our COI(certificate of Insurance) ready there is nothing we can do other than wait.

William Mercado (916)837-3107 President of Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee

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