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I’m circling back from several months ago regarding parking issues in the Fair Oaks Village. I will be meeting with County Supervisor Rich Desmond in the beginning of November to try and address and clear up confusion. Prior to this meeting it seems reasonable to get your input/insight.

As you know, parking is a rare commodity in the FO Village. With the 18 month construction the park district is doing it just got worse. Businesses are “reserving” public parking spaces for their own person use, claiming the lessors told them that they could do that. That they owned the street parking. The fact that the O Cafe needed DOT approval for the parklet seating area, tells me that these spaces are on the public right of way and can’t be “reserved.” See pictures attached. It’s gotten out of hand.

Secondly, there used to be TWO HOUR parking signs up throughout the FO Village area. Most have these have been mysteriously taken down. We also have ZERO parking enforcement, thus allowing cars/employees to park in the few “unreserved” spaces all day. One property owner even coned-off the Yellow Zone. The KV Construction van has been there over a week. On Crestline the Sunrise car dealer parks cars on Crestline, a-blocking the street for 2-way traffic, b- taking up spaces employees could use to park.

What can we do? Where do I go from here? I’d like to have some concrete answers prior to meeting with Supervisor Desmond. Please advise. I’m glad to meet you in the Village any time. This situation is killing businesses. I will gladly provide more photos if needed.

Granted the on-line property lines are not necessarily the legal boundaries, but they sure look like parking is County.


Leon Corcos

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