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From: Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee <> Subject: FOVEC telecon: ATT Crestline Ave Parking lot Date: May 6, 2021 at 2:51:16 PM PDT To: Julie A Collins <> Cc: Mike Aho <> Hi Julie; I met with the FOVEC Board yesterday and they had a few questions for me to ask so that they understand the AT&T restrictions and how FOVEC can best utilize the parking facility during the demolition/reconstruction of a good portion of our downtown. Here are my notes from our telephone conversation today:
  • Can we explore a longer timeframe, 3 year agreement with an option for 3 more

Currently Julie and I talked about June 1, 2021 through Dec.31, 2022 Days: Th,Fri,Sat from 4PM-10PM Julie: The agreement will need to be a year at a time. She will not know about ATT plans more than a year in advance. WM: No problem. That was not clear to me before.

  • Can we explore 7 days a week instead of just Th, Fri, Sat:

  • Julie: Can't do that. Crestline is used as an overflow and is needed at a moments notice.

  • WM: What if we limited the hours from 4-10PM

  • Julie: Will need to ask her boss

  • Barrier to the lower Parking

  • Julie: you will need to put up a barrier down the stairwell

  • WM: Yes. I need to talk to Mike Aho about how they setup the temporary barrier

  • Julie: That could be labor intensive for you to put up and remove everyday. Maybe you could use something that can be pushed to the side or easily locked/unlocked

Julie is going on vacation for a week starting next Monday. Will try to get her part of the agreement form completed and sent to me before that. FOVEC would like to get an agreement completed before June 1 if possible. William Mercado (916) 837-3107 President of Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee

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