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Spring Social brings energy and joy to the Village

By Pat Cole

Your Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee (FOVEC) gathered with friends and neighbors for a spring social in Brahma Bar and Grill's lovely outdoor patio on Saturday afternoon, April 17th, with no other agenda than making new friends and reconnecting after our Covid hiatus. Brahma is tucked into the back of the parking lot to the left of Shangri-la.

There was a definite feeling of energy and joy in this socially distanced patio gathering. We were happy we could gather again as we shared our enthusiasm and optimism for what we've accomplished and what we can do to support Fair Oaks Village.

FOVEC was hard at work this past year reworking our website to make it more dynamic and interactive and fine-tuning our organizational structure and bylaws. William Mercado, outgoing FOVEC president, took a few minutes to talk about the committee's accomplishments and highlight opportunities for volunteers. Then we went back to getting to know one another and catching up with old friends. For some of us, the social time evolved into dinner or take-out at Brahma.

When he talked about volunteer opportunities, William emphasized that our sign-up sheets break volunteer opportunities into manageable chunks. People who don't want to manage an entire area of volunteering can help with specific tasks. For example, the Outreach committee is looking for a chair, but there is also a need for people who can help with posters and banners for events and members interested in marketing. The fundraising committee offers discrete tasks like set-up and tear-down for events and needs people who are good at securing donations. There are positions open in Outreach and Arts & Entertainment for chairpersons too. FOVEC also needs a volunteer coordinator who matches opportunities with interested members. If you have an interest or talent, you'd like to share, talk with a FOVEC member, and find just the right place to volunteer.

We're off to a great spring start, and we're energized and ready to see Fair Oaks Village thrive while keeping its charm. Join us; one of the best benefits of volunteering is getting to know your neighbors. Whether you've lived here a long time or just relocated to the area, volunteering is one of the best ways to build friendships. Bring your vision for Fair Oaks Village, learn about your community, and keep up to date on what's happening in Fair Oaks Village.

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