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Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee (FOVEC)

FOVEC's mission is to make Fair Oaks Village a better place to live and visit through projects and events by working with local businesses, property owners, and other stakeholders. 

The volunteers who make up the Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee (FOVEC) see the value in everyone working together to improve our Village. Since our beginnings in 2007, our shared vision has been of a place where our historical past and small-town charm coexist with improved access and parking, with unique eating and shopping options.


We have three primary areas of focus:

  1. Infrastructure - we work with the residents and business owners to retain the Village's charm while improving our sidewalks, signage, parking, and other public enhancements.

  2. Events - we host and partner with others to bring arts, entertainment, and educational events to the Village that enhance the enjoyment of the residents and make the Village a better place to do business.

  3. Communications - we partner with the County, Park District, other organizations, and local business owners to enhance understanding and build trust.


To learn more contact any Board Member or join one of our Village Live Updates at 8:30 AM the last Wednesday of every month.

FOVEC and our Community Partners

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Fair Oaks Village has a very active volunteer community. It also has a complex set of governmental service providers, including Sacramento County, Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks, Fair Oaks Water, Metro Fire, and the Fair Oaks Cemetery District. As a result, it can sometimes be confusing knowing who does what.

FOVEC partners with all of these different groups to ensure the Village continues to prosper but doesn't lose its unique charm.

For example, FOVEC, the Park District, FOFLA, Fair Oaks Chamber, and merchants all host Village events.  FOVEC maintains a public calendar of all events in the Village to help avoid these events from competing with one another and, when possible, helps promote other groups' events in the Village.

FOCAP brings the many different groups together to facilitate communications and cooperation between the groups. FOVEC provides monthly Live Updates to communicate the outcomes of the FOCAP meetings that impact the Village.

The Chamber works to help business owners across all of Fair Oaks. FOVEC works to address the unique needs of business owners operating in the Village, such as parking and promotion.

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