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Fall in the Village Tasks

Tasks Before Event

  1. Distribute stickers to restaurants and shops and make sure everyone knows when to hand them out

  2. Setup FOVEC Booth

  3. Set out Treasure Hunt Cards and explain to volunteers the rules of the hunt and make sure everyone puts their name and email on the cards

  4. Set out FOVEC marketing materials and donation bucket

  5. Set out FOFLA 50/50 board and make sure volunteers can explain it and have a safe place to store any purchases

  6. Set out the Sponsors board and make sure volunteers offer Treasure Hunt contestants a chance to get their first sticker

  7. Verify with the Park District everything is ready for the Band.

  8. Verify with the Park District how trash will be handled

  9. Verify with the Park District where tables and chairs go

  10. Other?

Tasks During Event

  1. Distribute as many Treasure Hund Cards as possible, explain how you get stickers

  2. Take lots of photos and encourage others to post to social media with the tag #FallInTheVillage

  3. Help people with directions to the different Treasure Hunt Sites

  4. Explain FOVEC and encourage people to join

  5. Other?

Tasks After Event

  1. Pay the Band

  2. Takedown and secure the FOVEC Booth, banners, etc.

  3. Secure the Treasure Hunt Cards, donations, and contact information collected

  4. Help Sponsors and Partners with the teardown of their items

  5. Help make sure the Band and Park District tear-downs have everything they need

  6. Help make sure trash is handled

  7. Other?

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