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Bye-bye Smog'Ngo?
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Apr 06, 2022
Below is an excerpt from my comment at FO CPAC, and sent to the County. The new property owner said they might be interested in other restaurants or businesses that could operate there -- I would throw out a sushi bar; taco bar (with back patio); or even ice cream maybe? The owners, furthermore, need to work with PLAYERS Bar to get a share agreement for traffic to flow both ways, as is currently set up with the smog shop. Thanks. Comment re: PLNP2022-00006 - 10000 Fair Oaks Boulevard Starbucks / Supervisorial District(s): Desmond Assessor's Parcel Nos.: 244-0231-012 / Applicant/Owner: Brandon Bozek This proposal is absurd for Fair Oaks Village. First, it is a notoriously dangerous location, as fully documented by CHP and County traffic data. Secondly, the corporation already is finishing construction on a drive through at Sunrise and Madison Avenue, currently operates a drive through at Fair Oaks Blvd. and Madison Avenue, a coffeeshop at Trader Joes Parking (also at Madison), and a large coffee shop at Gold River (all of the above less than a 5 minute drive from proposed site). The approval of this drive through would inevitably create a corporate stranglehold on existing small business coffee shop and café owners in the Fair Oaks Village. Namely, Badfish Coffee, Java Johnny (Drive Thru), Fair Oaks Coffee House and Deli, Pause Coffee House, Scooters (Drive Thru) O’café. If Sacramento County approves this request, it will likely lead to the closure of one or more of these hard-earned local-owned businesses – that survived the Covid 19 pandemic-related business restrictions! Thirdly, the site is at one of the few north entrances to the American River Bike Trail network (see Sacramento County Master Transportation Plan) on Bridge Street. Many years ago, there was a transportation master plan to promote pedestrian /bicycle traffic and LESS dependency on automobile traffic to get form point A to B. The Bike Trail is an obvious artery to this plan (albeit left to decay by our County planners). Oddly, the Starbucks proposal is for a car-centric drive through design. Drive-throughs discourage community by preventing human interaction. Drive-throughs add to air pollution by demanding lines of cars sitting at idle while ordering. Drive-throughs are antithetical to pedestrian and bicycle traffic as by nature, as they demand that cars enter and exit constantly to the location in question. Lastly, the design is sterile, and not at all fitting with a business that would ultimately be the “gateway” business for persons entering Fair Oaks Village. We already have 3 coffee shops that we support just around the block. We do not support this corporate monopolizing of our small community, and suggest that Sacramento County reject this proposed development outright.


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